Feb 2, 2015


From the old post:

I haven't read Harlequin's sexy romance for a while, since I've been immersed in Pride and Prejudice fan fiction for the past two years. Yesterday I picked up one from an author I usually like. Guess what? The super rich hero (the boss) actually had sex with bimbo twins and the next day, he asked the heroine (the Personal Assistant) to take them out for shopping.

I switched off immediately. For the villains and others, multiple partners are ok. But I like my hero with...hero's character.

Jan 31, 2015

Mr. Darcy Runs Into the Woods - Regency, NC-17

Thanks to my Facebook friends for suggesting the highlighted words. I wanted to write the story in Regency era so I had to check that liver pudding, Clarinet and Sir Newton were all "available" then. I had a wonderful time reading about them. The following story is longer than a drabble but it includes all the words. Happy Reading! It's unbeta'd. 

Darcy reined in the horse by the lake. The mid day sun made the already very hot day unbearable. He jumped from the horse and decided to cool himself in the pond. Pulling the cravat loose, he dived into the pond, disturbing the peaceful and tranquil water. The cool water was refreshing. He swam for almost half an hour until an apparition parted the tall grass by the pond and disturbed his relaxation. 

“Elizabeth…” He uttered her name breathlessly. In a pure white day dress and with ribbons fringing the straw hat, Elizabeth emerged through the woods like a fairy. He was fascinated by her appearance, with some unruly curls framing her smiling face which was brightened by the exercise. 

“Mr. Darcy, I thought you would be here.”

 “How could you possibly have guessed?”

 “I can sketch your character quite easily.” She then curtsied and beckoned him to follow her, with a secretive smile. “If you please, sir.”

 Darcy’s heart raced. He immediately swam to the shallow end of the pond, climbed up to race after Elizabeth who had started to run into the woods. He hurried along without care to his dripping wet body.

 By the time he caught up with Elizabeth, she was sitting on a blanket on the grass. The mysterious tunes of Mozart flew through the Clarinet she was playing, adding a sense of suspense and disbelief to the surrounding.

Darcy lowered himself to occupy a corner of the blanket, stretching his long legs, with his head on his hand, staring sideways at Elizabeth intensely. As the mystic sounds took a more comic turn, she crooked her head to motion him to look around. He finally saw a basket on the blanket.

He raised and had a quick look. The basket was full of sumptuous food. How very thoughtful of her, he smiled. After the long ride and the energetic swim, Darcy did felt hungry. Quietly, he bit into a small liver pudding, the rich juicy taste filled his stomach. As he enjoyed the refreshing flesh of peach and a glass of tea with ice, Elizabeth started singing a most seductive aria.

Suddenly Darcy had a hunger of different kind. Not satisfied with only admiring Elizabeth’s creamy chest that rose and fell with the rhythm of the song, he left the gourmet food aside and moved near her silently.

The closer he leaned to her, the shakier was her voice. Her eyes however never broke contact with his. She continued to sing, stirring up his desire. As he caressed her neck with his fingers, her pitch raised slightly. When his fingers slid down the creamy mounds to her breasts, she gasped and missed a beat. Her nipples peaked, clearly visual through the fabric of her dress. She stopped singing mid sentence, as he grabbled the twin peaks.

 “Welcome…home, my dear…husband!” Elizabeth uttered the words breathlessly, before pressing a hot kiss on Darcy’s mouth.

The woods were now silent except for the sounds of birds and Darcy and Elizabeth’s panting.

“I would not mind going to London on business if that is the way every time I am welcome home.” 

Elizabeth tore off Darcy’s wet shirt quickly, without bothering to reply. When her hands frantically rub over his hard back, he pulled up her hem and settled between the comfort of her legs. He bestowed hot kisses on her shoulders, brushing away the dress to expose her creamy mounds. Her fingers became more urgent as she undid the buttons on his breeches.

Soon, she freed his proud manhood from the constraint of the trousers and palmed it. Panting hard, Darcy shifted to poise at her wet entrance.

“My love,” he whispered.

“I miss you,” she replied.

Darcy gazed at the depth of Elizabeth’s eyes and thrust his hard shaft into her core. Her welcoming heat and tightness embraced his body. He let the pant up passion of the past two weeks to run wild. Like an untamed stallion, he galloped in full speed, empowering intensity and dazed abandons, until Elizabeth screamed out in ecstasy as she reached her peak. He then thrust more deeply into her for a few more times, before he trembled and convulsed for his own climax.

The woods turned silence again. Even the birds had stopped singing. Darcy rolled away from Elizabeth and looked up at the sky. It was good to be home. Even the sky at Pemberley looked friendlier than London. The trees looked greener and better too.


Darcy made a sound of burp as an apple dropped from the tree and hit his stomach.

“Oops, the trees are not friendlier than those in London!” he exclaimed as he rubbed his abdomen. Luckily it was not a large apple and he was not seriously hurt.

Elizabeth emerged from the haze of lovemaking and burst out laughing on seeing her husband’s petulant expression. “Ah, fate gives you an upcommance for your neglect in sending me a love letter every day during your absence!”

“Nonsense, the dropping of the apple is entirely natural, according to our former Cambridge scholar, Sir Newton. This is called theory of gravity.”

Elizabeth raised her eyebrows at him. “I did not know that you are a man of science, Mr. Darcy.”

“I am indeed very interested in science, in particular, the biology of my wife’s body!” With that, he spent the entire afternoon in the woods exploring and examining the lovely being called Elizabeth.

Jan 27, 2015

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Jan 24, 2015

Unimaginative Valentine's Gift, drabble, Regency

The sun shone through the windows. Mr Darcy blinked his eyes open and observed the lovely picture on the bed by his side. Elizabeth was cradling two-month old Alexander on her arms. He hated to disturb the harmonious picture of Madonna and her child. Quietly he rose and moved to sit on the chair by the bed, thinking about the day ahead.

 It would be St. Valentine’s Day in two weeks’ time. One of the traditions was to write one’s lover a letter, expressing love, admiration and devotion. However Darcy was never a man of many words. He pondered what gift he could procure for his wife. Admiring the alluring form of Elizabeth and their adorable son, a sudden inspiration came to his mind. With an energetic leap from the chair, Darcy walked to his desk by the windows and found what he needed.

As he concentrated on his work for almost half an hour, he did not notice that Elizabeth had woken. 

“My dear Mr Darcy, are you always this diligent? Attending to your business correspondence without a stitch of clothes on, how improper!” She arched her eyebrows as she focussed on her husband’s nude body.

 “I am trying to capture Alexander and your likeness, to present the picture to you on St. Valentine’s Day as a gift. Pray do not disturb my work.” Darcy spoke with a dismissive wave of his hand.

The arrogant gesture spurred his wife into rash action. Elizabeth left Alexander on the bed and moved swiftly to kneel in front of Mr. Darcy.

 “What are you doing?” His body froze and his voice shook.

 “I am determined to disturb your work, my arrogant husband!” She lowered her head and licked the heat at the apex of his thighs. Loud groans and moans echoed in the master chambers until Alexander was woken.

 Well, what could we say about Mr. Darcy’s gift for St. Valentine’s Day? He never finished the drawing and bought his wife an unimaginative large diamond necklace instead.

Thanks Kari for the word "disturb" which inspired this drabble.

Jan 22, 2015

Seen and Unseen

Are you reading anything interesting lately? I love to read Jane Austen variations and I've just read a wonderful story over at Derbyshire Writers Guild.

Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice was struck by tragedy in Seen and Unseen by Kim B. It was amazing to read how she could overcome her infliction and won Mr. Darcy's love. 

I hope Kim would one day complete the story. The story is over 280,000 words already, so definitely well worth reading. Here is the link for Seen and Unseen.  Happy Reading!

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