Feb 3, 2014

Darcy's Chilling Proposal - New Chapter

Chapter 15 of Darcy's Chilling Proposal is posted at Steamy Darcy (press here).

Happy reading and comment below. Thank you!


  1. Would love to read the next chapter. Or perhaps a new book, so I would not have to waot. I have read and own most of your books. The majority I have found entetaining. I feel this variation has great potential. That's why I ask you to post soon or publish. Thank you

    1. Thanks for buying my books. Chilly still has a long way to go but my Muse is not the brightest with this story. So you will have to bear with me. Big hugs from wet Sydney.

    2. Don't you think it't time for a new chapter can't you at least get your muse to sharpen up a bit it's kind of hard waiting for the next installment.

  2. Hi Enid, I am enjoying this story and I am looking forward to the next chapter. But I do have 1 question. At the end of chapter 12, you wrote that Mr Bingley and the Hursts had travelled to the North to inform family about the wedding. But in chapter 15 they turn up at the Matlock's dinner party. I thought that the two events occur on the same day. H ave I got it wrong?

  3. Oh yes, struggle to keep straight with my plot and thoughts. Feel like abandoning the story...


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